Multi-Op - Multi-Mode - Multi-Band - Multi-Madness!

We have three operator stations in the shack.

Kenwood TS-440S & TL-922A / Packet - RTTY - WeFax System HF

This is the Primary HF position and has the rotor controls for the beam.

There is also a TM-721A for 144/440 and a TM-321A for 220 at this operators position.

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Kenwood TS-940S HF / Kenwood TS-140S HF / Packet System HF - VHF - UHF

This is the Secondary HF position has the consoles for the digital systems

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Kenwood TS-440S HF / Kenwood TM-621A 144/220 / Kenwood TM-721A 144/440

This is the tertiary HF position and has the primary 144/220/440 radios

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