The KA1RCI Repeater Network

Established 1984

Providing emergency communications for ARES/RACES/CERT and public service resources for more than two decades.

The Lincoln Site #1 is the home of the network, all of the repeaters were build at this site and tested on these small towers before being deployed to their respective remote locations. The site is at 400 feet above sea level and currently has three towers.

The first repeater antennas went up in 1984 and were just mounted to the sides of our house. In these three photos you can see the two repeaters antennas separated about 50 feet apart mounted at each end of the house. The crazy fellow up on the roof is Bill KA1VKD in the freezing cold New England weather working on the VHF beam...

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Then we installed the first 48 foot tower in 1987 using six sections of Rohn 25. There is a ten foot section is buried in the concert seven feet deep that provides the base with a hinge point so the tower can be tilted over for maintenance. The tower also has a support mount at 25 feet where it is bolted to the house. This tower has a X500-HNA at the very top, the as you move down the tower there is an Austin 5/8ths wave for 2 meters, an eleven element 220 beam, anther Austin tri-band for 144/220/440, two 440 beams, a matching pair of Hy-Gain 5/8th antennas for 220 and 144, and then a small Kenwood dual-band for 144/440.

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The second tower was installed in 1989 using five sections of Rohn 25. This tower has a standard base plate that is bolted to the concert sidewalk and also has a support mount at 25 feet. This tower also tilts over for maintenance. At the very top is a hybrid of two HF vertical antennas, this is mostly an R5 for 10,15, 20 and 40 meters with the base from an R7. Just below the HF vertical is a 144/440 dual-band beam and then an A3 also for 10, 15, 20 and 40 meters. Mounted on the tower below the beam are more beams  for 144/440/900 MHz. There is another Austin tri-band 144/220/440 and there is a 220 1/4 wave.

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The third tower was installed in 1993 which is a free standing tower with a very large concrete base that is 12 feet deep and shaped like a bell. Just like the smaller towers this one also tilts over for maintenance. There is a 144/440 X500-HNH mounted at the very top and a 144/220 X2200A side mounted just a few feet below.


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After putting up the 80 foot tower we moved the repeaters from the 48 foot tower on the house to a small storage shed out back next to the 80 foot tower. Then in 1994 we build a new shed just for the repeaters. Over the years all of the repeaters have been run at this site while under construction, repairs, and for testing. Then after I am sure the repeaters are working to my expectations they are moved to their remote locations.

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